Fields Foods Locations| St Louis' Destination for Farm Fresh Local Food
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Fields Foods is located across Store Photofrom the historic old City Hospital Building (now the Georgian Condominium) in the near South Side of St. Louis.  Originally known as Bohemian Hill, the area was home to a large Czech community in the 1850s and the first Czech church in America still stands close by. Although much of the original neighborhood has disappeared over the years, the Soulard neighborhood to the east and the Lafayette Square neighborhood to the west have become the pride of St. Louis.  Starting in the late 60s, a small group of urban pioneers saw the potential of the 100-year-old homes and began restoring what have become two of the most charming reclaimed neighborhoods in the country.

We located our local headquarters a couple of blocks away in the heart of the Lafayette Square business district.  Surrounded by small shops and restaurants, it isn’t far from the heart of downtown St. Louis and only a few steps from one of the oldest municipal parks west of the Mississippi.

With all the promise and energy still present in the area and its residents, we knew this was where we had to put our store and headquarters.