Frequently Asked Questions - Fields Foods
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What types of products does Fields Foods carry?


We are proud to have a wide selection of products that are pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and natural. Many of our products come from small and mid-sized farmers and local vendors within 300 miles of St. Louis. We also offer traditional grocery store products from trusted brands, bulk goods, wine and beer, prepared foods, and more (see our departments). We are truly a one-stop-shop shop for all of your grocery shopping needs and aim to provide everything you want at affordable prices.


Why is “local” so important?


When food has to travel thousands of miles across the country (or from other countries), it simply cannot be as fresh as food harvested from our own backyards. Locally-grown products are fresher and, as a result, often better tasting and more nutritious. Locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables are usually harvested within one day of being purchased by the consumer. This reduces the need to use preservatives and allows us to offer products to our customers that are at the height of freshness. By eating locally, you can have a greater understanding and confidence in where your food comes. It also reduces the likelihood of food contamination by limiting the steps between the farm and your table.


Additionally, shopping and eating local helps support the economy where we live. Small and mid-sized farmers and vendors are struggling to keep up in a highly competitive market against large-scale agri-growers. By partnering with local farmers, vendors and food producers, we are able to help these hard-working people bring their high-quality products to a larger market to enjoy, while supporting their own families. Here are some other great reasons to eat local.


Is “natural” and “organic” the same thing?


Throughout our store you will notice many products that are marked as organic. This means they have passed the requirements of a very heavily regulated USDA food system and are guaranteed to contain no toxic synthetic pesticides, toxic synthetic herbicides, or chemical NPK fertilizers from the production process and that no antibiotics or growth hormones were given to the animals involved. Organic producers and processors are subject to very rigorous certification inspections by third-party inspectors.


In addition to carrying organic products, we also carry many natural products that are minimally processed and do not contain hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. However, the FDA and the USDA have not evaluated and regulated these products like they do with certified-organic products so they cannot guarantee them. But a “natural” label is often more feasible for small and mid-sized farmers who have limited resources, and does not mean they adhere to any lesser quality standards. You can feel free to ask our customer service staff if you have questions about any products in our store!


Is eating healthy expensive?


It doesn’t have to be. At Fields Foods we aim to offer products for every price point. We feel our products are fair and competitively priced based on market averages. In general, organic or natural products at any store do tend to be priced a little higher than generic products, but the benefits of eating well can save you considerable money in the long run by helping to promote good health for you and your family.


Who are your farmers and vendors?


We carry products from numerous small and mid-sized farmers and vendors, most of which are based less than 150 miles from St. Louis. We look for partners that share our high quality standards and produce products that we would want to share with our own families. Many of the farmers we work with use sustainable agriculture practices, meaning they follow responsible ecological guidelines to avoid doing long-term harm to the earth’s resources.


You can browse our store to learn more about many of the vendors we work with, or feel free to ask our staff. On weekends, we usually have free samplings where you can come in and meet representatives from some of our local partners. Check out our sampling and events schedule here.


I’m a local farmer or vendor. Will you carry my products?


We are always looking to expand our offerings! Contact us at info@fieldsfoods.com to tell us more about what you produce and we’ll see if there is an appropriate opportunity.


Do you carry alcohol?


Yes, we carry a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits for sale in our store. We also have a Wine & Beer Bar, where you can sit and enjoy a drink or get a glass to take with you while you shop throughout the store – many of our customers love this option! We often have wine tastings on the weekends and other fun events where you can try some of our alcoholic products.


How do I find the best deals?


We offer many great deals, as well as exclusive offers for our loyal customers. In an effort to help the environment, all of our coupons are offered digitally. You can find out weekly Price Bites on our website and also sign up free to be a Fields’ Foodie™ and receive our latest news, offers and information via email. DealieDo is an all-electronic loyalty system offered exclusively at Fields to deliver targeted deals to the smartphones of shoppers while protecting shopper privacy and reducing wasted paper. Scan the QR code on our site to get started.


What are your hours?


We are open everyday 7am – 10pm including some holidays. Please check on Facebook for details.

Are you hiring?

If you are interested in joining the Fields Foods’ team please apply in store. We will keep your information on file if we don’t presently have an appropriate opening.