Healthy, Local Foods are in Our Nature


St Louis’ Full-service Grocery Store for Fresh, Locally Produced Foods


Its in our nature At Fields Foods, it’s in our nature to create healthier communities one bite at a time.  Believing it all starts with food, we provide fresh and healthy food options by partnering with local farmers and trusted brands to deliver an inspirational shopping experience. Born out of our shared passion for nutritious, local foods and delicious culinary creations, this is our way of providing a gathering place for avid foodies and families looking for healthier more sustainable food options to experience and share their love of food.


Our goal is to make our communities healthier, happier and more prosperous by providing the best homegrown, most nutritious foods possible.  Our vision is to create a store that inspires creativity and culinary adventure while providing access to a range of unique products that are affordable.


Fields Foods brings that vision to life with our full-service grocery store rooted in the historic neighborhoods of Saint Louis’ south end. Centered between the Soulard, Lafayette Square and Benton Park neighborhoods in the area originally known as Bohemian Hill, it’s the perfect location for our one-of-a kind store.


Our team of friendly, dedicated knowledgeable staff guides our customers through a vast assortment of local, healthy, delicious products that can fulfill your comfort food cravings or inspire your inner gourmet chef – and anything in between.  It’s like walking through lush fields sampling vine-ripened fruits and vegetables; strolling down Main Street to visit with the local butcher and baker; or heading to the town dock to pick up some fresh seafood.  And we know cooking, even with the best and freshest products, may not be your thing every night so pick up a slice of pizza or one of our chef-created meals if you’re looking to take the night off.  Oh, and don’t forget the wine or beer!


We’re bringing sustainable, healthier food options to our community. At Fields Foods, it’s in our nature.